In a blog post a few months back, prominent EVE personality Rixx Javix complained about the expression "winning EVE". He writes: Eve is not a terrible »


The playstyle got me to win EVE. The UI made it a much easier decision. (Yes, I have won. I have a couple of posts queued »

Some Common Shipfitting Myths

I keep seeing these persistent myths floating around as people try to fit their ships. Just for the record, let me try to debunk some of »

Sure, Let's Kill All the Bots

Right now the EVE playerbase is up in arms at the huge prevalence of unrestricted "botting" in the game. It's miners they are noticing most, apparently. »

Best Yoiuelii Ever!

So I got my gift from my Signal Cartel Secret Satan Santa yesterday. (Sorry, the organizer typoed earlier and it stuck with me.) My Santa turned »

EVE Is Dying...Slowly

So. EVE has been "dying" as long as it has been around. It's always easy to predict it's over. I'm calling it here, though. EVE will »

Goodbye, Captain's Quarters

In a post today on his most excellent blog, Wilhelm Arcturus just pointed out that CCP is dropping Captain's Quarters and built-in Twitch streaming support in »

Goofus and Gala

I was talking to a friend yesterday about how OP the Velator is. Relatively speaking. Related my experiences belt ratting in it, and my trip with »

BB79: Rewarding the Vets?

Blog Banter is a series of curated prompts for EvE Online bloggers. The topic for 2016-11-30 is Talvorian Dex's BB79, Rewarding the Vets?: Should CCP put »

BB78 - The Big Reset

Blog Banter is a series of curated prompts for EvE Online bloggers. The topic for 2016-11-30 is Talvorian Dex's BB78, The Big Reset: Just for a »

Finally Got Explo Ganked

Well, it finally happened. My explo Helios exploded.First time in my career that I've been blown up on site. Had to happen sooner or later. »

Speed II

[Edit: An hour or two ago I posted the initial version of this, with a poor MWD. Corrected.] It's fun to go fast. I tried this »

Thera Traveller

Yes another fit. This one is dedicated to the proposition that Thera is a really useful superhighway for getting around New Eden. EvE Scout maintains a »

How To Use Combat Probes

[This blog is really degenerating into a fitting blog. I rarely log in anymore, but still have fun fitting.] This popped up on Reddit yesterday. I »

A Quick Sloppy Astero Explo Fit

Our local group is going on an explo roam today, because reasons. Here's the Astero fit I threw together. I'm sure it can be improved. [Astero, »

The Explo Helios

I've done more explo than anything else in EvE so far. Somebody on Reddit asked for fitting help today, so I thought I'd share my current »

Weird Fit Surprise!

I have spent some time in the past few weeks messing with PyFA. I'm happily skilling away in Itamo, so this is how I've been playing »

It's a Ghost!

I'm trying out the Ghost node.js blogging service as a locally-hosted blog. Setting it up has been an adventure, but I seem to be making »