Finally Got Explo Ganked

Well, it finally happened. My explo Helios exploded.First time in my career that I've been blown up on site. Had to happen sooner or later.

I was exploring out in Stain, in a heavily-populated system on a weekend, with 20M in loot in my hold to start with. Dumb plan, but I've gotten away with dumber. I just finished up a 50M relic site (because data sites are complete garbage, thanks CCP) when a Sabre appeared: it had presumably been cloaked watching me work. I was locked and webbed quickly.

I pretty much froze. I eventually started spamming warp, but by then I was bubbled. I couldn't find my drone bay window to launch my EC-300, which is silly — I need to keep it in a standard place. I didn't think to turn on my MWD, which would have gotten me out of the bubble pretty quick since I wasn't scrammed. I didn't turn on my EM hardener. It was all pretty dumb. At least I finally burned out of the bubble with my pod almost dead and warped to station. Kind of pointless, since I eventually podjumped anyhow, but might as well deny the extra killmail.

The Sabre pilot who ganked me never did respond in local, but another pilot did who had been hunting him: apparently the Sabre pilot got popped shortly thereafter.

Ship was insured, is already replaced. I pulled and stashed 70M out of another relic site last night, so except for hassle I'm still ahead after buying another 50M Helios fit. But it is a lot of work down the drain, and I'm sure annoyed with myself. My new fit is a bit more gank-resistant and features dual-prop, which will make running sites as well as escaping easier. Back to it when Thera gives me a short hop back to Stain.