Things I Learned As My Helios Exploded

Got caught in a bubble in my Helios and blown up a few weeks ago. It was my first loss since June, and my third since joining SC in January: one of those being a 13M ISK Hugsfleet Nereus that was probably doomed from the start.

I said to my friend I was flying with at the time that I had lost it to being dumb. Here's all the mistakes I can remember offhand.

  • Grabbed a random Helios to go on a long roam: it was pretty much what was sitting in my hangar. Meant to grab a Raptor instead, but didn't find it until a day later. Helios turned out to be a pretty expensive fit. Should have stripped it and refit it before we left, but I was in a hurry.

  • Was roaming with my friend's tiny fleet as part of a Twitch stream. So I had the Twitch stream open and active in one monitor while I flew in the other. Super distracting when things get exciting.

  • Friend scouted the gatecamp on our way home. I said "No problem, I have a Covops Cloak and a Microwarpdrive. I will just moonwalk through there." Was in a hurry to see my friend set off some fireworks in Jita, you see.

  • When I entered the gatecamp, I didn't use local or convo to say "Greetings from Signal Cartel!" Would it have made any difference? Probably not. But it wouldn't have hurt. I never watch local during an engagement, which means I miss out on a lot.

  • Earlier in the day, I'd taken a Crimson Harvest Accelerator to boost my learning skills. Its little timer was partly run out in the upper-left corner of my screen. When things got going, I got it confused with the gate-cloak timer.

  • Got caught in the old "cloak-parity" disaster. Tried to bring up my cloak, but gate cloak was still on. Decided to let the gate cloak timer run out before I turned on the actual cloak. See above. When I finally realized what was going on, I managed to activate my cloak an even number of times. (The one thing I'll blame CCP for in all this is the near-invisible cloaking indicator. Why is it not easily readable?)

  • I panicked.

So basically I left myself sitting uncloaked in a bubble in an active gatecamp for no reason whatsoever. Got fragged, who'd have thought?

Lots of things to do different next time, for sure. Mostly, though, I need to practice. Go deliberately run a bunch of gatecamps in cheap-fit Covops to get the hang of it. It probably wouldn't take that many tries.

Actually playing EVE to get better at it sounds like more work than I'm willing to put in these days, honestly.