Best Yoiuelii Ever!

So I got my gift from my Signal Cartel Secret Satan Santa yesterday. (Sorry, the organizer typoed earlier and it stuck with me.) My Santa turned out to be one of my very most favorite people in the corp. (We both suspect scales might have been thumbed.)

Santa's gifts were just ridiculous. Not one, but three copies of a ship I'd always meant to fly but had decided was too expensive, along with its most extensive fittings. Wha? Yes.

Beyond that, there were awesome novelty items perfectly suited to me. There was even a Christmas Yuiolji Card: a bookmark with a lovely text in the notes. That was a great thing to learn about, and a special gift. It was hinted that the bookmark location itself is also a thing, so I need to make my way out there as soon as possible.

It was all a bit much: I was really kind of overwhelmed by the thoughtfulness and generosity. I am truly grateful.

Happy Yiuuolieai To All!